Norden: Best result in 10 years

Norden: Best result in 10 years
Jan Rindbo, CEO Norden.

04-03-2021 12:00:00

Norden posted an adjusted result of 106 million dollar in 2020, compared with 23 million dollar in 2019. The Asset Management result was 29 million dollar, Dry Operator 59 million dollar and Tanker Operator 18 million dollar.

"Norden delivered an outstanding performance in challenging and volatile markets, achieving an Adjusted Result of USD 106 million in 2020 – the best group result in 10 years”, says Jan Rindbo, CEO Norden.

“The result reflects the recent transformation of our business model and strategy to an asset-light platform based on trading opportunities, using data as an asset and strengthening our customer focus. The Board of Directors recommends a dividend payment of DKK 9 per share in line with our dividend policy of returning minimum 50% of the annual Adjusted Result to our shareholders”, says Jan Rindbo.

For 2021 Norden expect an Adjusted Result in the range of 20 to 60 million dollar.

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