Denmark strengthens its arctic defence

Denmark strengthens its arctic defence

11-02-2021 12:00:00

The Danish Government and some of the opposition parties in the Danish Parlament have entered into a framework agreement on the strengthening of the Danish Defence capabilities in the Arctic and the North Atlantic.

The agreement translates the 1.5 billion DKK from the 2019 Supplemental Agreement to the Danish Defence Agreement 2018-2023 into concrete actions.

The Parties want the increased and strengthened capabilities in the Arctic and the North Atlantic to provide both military and civilian benefits. The framework agreement should therefore also strengthen the capabilities of the Danish Defence to support civil society through search and rescue operations, emergency operations, environmental surveillance, fisheries control, monitoring of the climate and research etc.

“We have seen an increase in foreign activities in the Artic and the North Atlantic. For this reason, we need better surveillance and presence in the region. Not to escalate conflicts. But because we need to take the threats seriously. This will take place in a close cooperation between Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland. I am very pleased that we have entered a broad political agreement on strengthening efforts in the Arctic and the North Atlantic. I would like to thank the parties to the agreement for the strong cooperation”, says Trine Bramsen, Minister of Defence.

The new capabilities include a new Air surveillance radar on the Faroe Islands, long endurance surveillance drones, spacebased surveillance, satellite communication, coastal radars, ship-based tactical UAS and basic military training in Greenland.

Source: Danish Ministry of Defence

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