DFDS Côte D’Opale well underway

DFDS Côte D’Opale well underway

20-01-2021 12:00:00

This year DFDS will welcome the Côte D’Opale into their Channel family. With her 214 metres length and the capacity for 1000 passengers, she will be the longest ferry on the Channel and will welcome both freight and leisure passengers.

Construction started in May 2019 at the Avic Shipyard in Weihai, China, and there is just 15% of the build left until she is ready.

The Côte D’Opale will have the largest retail space of all our channel ships stretching 1,100 square metres in an open plan concept. A large atrium with a bright skylight will be the centrepiece of the retail experience onboard.

There will then be separate ‘wings’ for each product category including perfume & cosmetics, beer, wine & spirits and gifts & technology. Duty Free will add more excitement to the shopping experience, with huge savings on premium products available onboard.

Source: DFDS

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