Concerned minister met with shipping

Concerned minister met with shipping
Photo: Carsten Lundager

21-11-2020 12:00:00

Danish Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen met with Jacob Meldgaard, Chairman of Danish Shipping and CEO of Torm. The only item on the agenda was the security situation in the Gulf of Guinea, which is being ravaged by piracy.

Although the single-item agenda was straightforward enough, there was still much to discuss when Minister of Defence Trine Bramsen visited Torm in Hellerup, a suburb of Copenhagen. She met with Jacob Meldgaard, CEO of Torm and Chairman of Danish Shipping, to talk about the safety of the merchant fleet in the Gulf of Guinea off West Africa.

The Gulf of Guinea is considered to be the most dangerous waters in the world - 95% of all maritime kidnappings happen there.

Trine Bramsen expressed her concern and after the meeting said:

"I’m trying to gather my defence minister colleagues because Denmark cannot tackle this on its own. We need to stand together on this, and that’s what I'll be working for."

Jacob Meldgaard acknowledged the minister's commitment after their meeting. He said:

“We had a good, constructive meeting with the minister. She is clearly concerned with the matter and genuinely interested in helping solve the terrible and unsustainable situation we as shipping companies have long been experiencing in the Gulf of Guinea.”

The tanker Torm Alexandra was attacked by pirates barely two weeks ago - in the Gulf of Guinea. No-one was hurt in the attack, but it was clear proof that it is currently risky to sail in the area.

“The close dialogue and strong support from the government are crucial for the work we are now continuing with other stakeholders to ensure international support for further efforts in the area,” said Jacob Meldgaard.

The meeting was also attended by the CEO of Danish Shipping, Anne H. Steffensen and Executive Director Security, Environment and Maritime Research at Danish Shipping, Maria Skipper Schwenn.

According to the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), there were 121 kidnappings in the area in 2019.

Source: Danish Shipping

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