Certificates from a smartphone

Certificates from a smartphone

07-05-2019 12:00:00

The Danish Maritime Authority is preparing the launch of digital certificates for seafarers. Development is underway, and an initial test voyage will begin later this month. Digital certificates are expected to make things simpler, faster and safer.

For those with practical experience in the burdensome handling of the many pieces of paper used for documentation for seafarers today, the digital certificates will be a welcome change. One app is all you need to access and maintain your certificates, and this app is of course part of the new concept being developed.

The seafarer can store, view and share all their data via the app

The ships’ master and the shipping company will have access to their crews’ certificates
Data on will also be easy to present to maritime and port authorities prior to port calls, which has great potential for streamlining the often burdensome procedures of ship-port interface.

The app is expected to be launched at the end of 2019
Pilot project begins in May 2019

Source: Danish Maritime Authority

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