Containerships chooses CMP in Malmö

Containerships chooses CMP in Malmö

18-04-2019 11:48:00

With Containerships now starting its new service, Scan Baltic 1, Copenhagen Malmö Port, CMP, will be an important port for import and export to and from Sweden and Europe. The first container ship arrived at Northern Harbour in Malmö last week.

Containerships selection of Copenhagen Malmö Port to be a permanent port in the new loop means that the opportunities to import and export freight to and from Sweden will increase significantly via the sea route. The loop comprises five ships, which will operate a weekly route to Portugal, Spain, England, the Netherlands, Poland and Sweden.

Containerships aims to be able to offer sustainable shipments with door-to-door solutions. The requirement for the ports that are part of the new loop, Scan Baltic 1, has therefore also been that they can largely offer intermodal solutions, i.e. where freight can be reloaded between train, lorry and ship.

”CMP Malmö offers all the solutions that as a short sea shipping company we perceive are prerequisites to enable us to ensure the high level of service our customers require. CMP offers flexibility and easy access for our inland shipments, and we also feel that CMP has the same ambitions for development as Containerships has. We believe in the collaboration and it seems that our arrival is eagerly awaited in the region, so the future looks exciting”, says Urban Williamson, General Manager of Containerships.

Malmö has a good strategic location both for transport onwards into Europe and also as a regional hub with short local transport links.

”CMP is strengthening its position as a logistics hub now that we are becoming a part of Scan Baltic 1. In Malmö we can meet the requirements that Containerships has because we are able to offer pure intermodal solutions with proximity to both rail and road networks and with large areas for reloading. This creates scope for both efficient handling and flexible solutions. We are looking forward to the new collaboration and are delighted to be able to welcome Containerships to Malmö”, says Ann-Charlotte Halldén Åkeson, Key Account Manager, Copenhagen Malmö Port.

Source: CMP

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