EVP Henrik Holck to leave DFDS

EVP Henrik Holck to leave DFDS

06-03-2019 17:00:00

Following the announced changes of management, where Niels Smedegaard has decided to step down as CEO of DFDS, and Torben Carlsen will become the new CEO - Henrik Holck, Head of the People & Ships Division, will not be part of the future management team.

“Everything has its time, and I can look back at nearly 12 fantastic years under Niels Smedegaard. I have enjoyed working with DFDS very much, and I thank everyone in the People & Ships Division for their support and great efforts for DFDS, not least the incredibly skilled and dedicated management team in the Division”, says Henrik Holck.

“DFDS is a fantastic company with fantastic employees, and I am sure it will continue to be a very successful company under Torben. I wish him all the best with forming his new management team, and I am confident that DFDS will have a great future journey with Torben at the helm”, says Henrik.

Niels Smedegaard, who hired Henrik in 2007 and has been his boss ever since, says:

“Henrik deserves a big thank you for his great contribution to DFDS, for our cooperation in the Executive Board and for the support and dedicated efforts for DFDS through also challenging times. He deserves special credit for his exemplary cooperation with the unions, our collective bargaining agreement with Metal Maritime for navigators, the social labor market foundation made with Metal Maritime. Henrik can also look back at participation in many of our successful projects like Lighthouse, Lightship and Starlight and his achievements with the integration of Norfolkline. His most recent achievement is his dedicated work in planning and deciding on a new headquarter. I thank Henrik for the good cooperation we have had and wish him all the best in the future.”

Source: DFDS News

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