Maritime industry accounts for 25% of exp.

Maritime industry accounts for 25% of exp.

28-02-2019 12:00:00

The Danish maritime segment employs 96,000 people and accounts for 6.5 percent of Denmark's GDP and 25 percent of Danish exports. These numbers stem from a new report that also shows that the people employed in the Danish maritime industry create more than twice as much value for the Danish economy, for each person compared to the average employee.

The Danish maritime industry employs roughly 60.000 people and close to 96.000 people when associated jobs are included in the count. This corresponds to 2,1 and 3,4 of people with jobs in Denmark.
The Blue Denmark contributes with five percent to Danish GDP and 6.5 percent when associated jobs are included. The Danish maritime industry exports almost DKK 232 billion Danish kroner which makes up for 25 percent of Danish exports.

The report about maritime companiesí contribution to jobs and production in Denmark is done by COWI and the Danish Maritime Authority. An annual edition of the report has been done since 2014.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Danmark

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