Maersk is making noise in New Zealand

Maersk is making noise in New Zealand

21-02-2019 10:00:00

The container shipping company Hamburg Süd, which is part of Maersk, is not very popular in New Zealands port city Port Chalmers. This is due to the fact that the company has chosen to make stops at the port in ships that are prt of Hamburg Süd’s Rio-class, which have a larger capacity than Maersk Line’s L-class ships which were previously used for the purpose.

The problem is not only that Hamburg Süd’s Rio-class has a larger capacity, but that they are equipped with bigger and more noisy generators that are causing the city’s angry citizens to make constant complaints to the port because they cant sleep at night due to the noise.

Part of the problem is that the Rio-class ships can take up to 2.000 reefer containers . The reefer containers require a lot of energy and therefore need large generators. 2.000 refer containers uses the same amount of energy as 750 homes.

Everyone involved are upset with the situation, which ultimately cannot be resolved, since neither the port nor the container ships have land-based power plants.

Port Director Kevin Winders has told local media that the noise complaints comes as a surprise to the port, seeing as Hamburg Süd’s Rio-class ships are significantly newer than the previously used Maersk Line ships.

Hamburg Süd stops in Port Chalmers once a week.

Source: Otago Daily Times / Maritime Danmark

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