Esvagt tests wave power device

Esvagt tests wave power device

15-02-2019 10:00:00

Esvagt's vessels and crew can handle tasks as diverse as towing a wave power device.
Wave power is one of the possible sources of renewable energy, and Esvagt has helped Wavepiston install their device at the test site near Hanstholm, Denmark.

For the past many years, offshore wind farms have considerably contributed to the generation of Danish carbon-neutral energy, but the turbines are not the only promising source of renewable energy at sea.

The Esvagt Connecto’ took part in placing Wavepiston’s wave power device, a potential future source of renewable energy.

The Esvagt Connector was in charge of towing the power system from port and three kilometres out at sea, Southeast of Hanstholm, and the crew managed the anchor handling and pulling the over 300-metre long chain, which is part of the device.

Esvagt’s help was much appreciated, says CEO Michael Henriksen, Wavepiston:

‘It is unquestionable that the crew on board the ‘Esvagt Connector’ know what they’re doing. It has been an absolute pleasure to cooperate with them’, he says:

‘It is clear that Esvagt’s main focus is on the personnel’s and the equipment’s safety. They are on top of everything, which in turn results in a very serene and efficient process on site. We can truly learn from that, adds Michael Henriksen.

The test in Hanstholm was the last in a series of trials before launching full scale tests, which are expected to be completed between 2019 and 2021. Michael Henriksen expects that commercial wave power will be available during 2022.

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