10.000 tons of salt unloaded in Kalundborg

10.000 tons of salt unloaded in Kalundborg

12-02-2019 10:00:00

13 hours of efficient work thats how fast crane operators in the Port of Kalundborg were able to unload 10.000 tons of road salt to Chemisafe from the freight ship Oslo Fjord 1. The freight ship was in a rush, as it had to return to the shipowner after being time chartered.

Normally, a tasks like this would have been done over two days, but there was no time for this. Therefore it became necessary to do the tasks in what is considered a record time. The unloading began at 05.00 in the morning and ended at 18.00 the same day.

It took two cranes to do the job, one of them was one of ports two Aarhus cranes and the other was the Fantuzzi crane. The two cranes cooperated to get the job done and did not experience any problems along the way. On average, the cranes unloaded 770 tons per hour, which is a lot faster than normal. On a normal basis the two cranes would only have unloaded 600 tons per hour.

The backland area was also busy, seeing as the port could not have 10.000 tons of road salt blocking the quay. Therefore, Stevedoren was very busy with transporting the large amount of road salt into the terminal building.

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