New TEU-record in the Port of Aarhus

New TEU-record in the Port of Aarhus

05-02-2019 12:00:00

In 2018, the Port of Aarhus beat their own previous Danish record made in 2017 of 511.424, as the port took in 540.363 containers (TEU). This corresponds to a six percent increase. That is more than one container for every minute of the year. The ports freight turnover was 8.801.234 tons.

“We have competitors in both the North and the South, and we are keeping an eye on both them and the international trade numbers. I am convinced that more people have become aware of the Port of Aarhus’s great location, and that, in conjunction with the fact that our operators are among the best in the world in the container service segment – creates a unique business model, ”says Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

The freight turnover increased by 173.071 tons in 2018. This increase corresponds to two percent compared to 2017. The turnover of containers makes up a subset of the total freight turnover.

The port’s Port Director Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen thinks that an increase in the number of containers of more than 20 percent in just two years is impressive. He is also rather satisfied with an increase of two percent in the total freight turnover, after experiencing a decrease in mineral oils at the port.

"We are making up for the lack of oil in other business areas. We specialize in certain departments at the Port of Aarhus, but still we deal with a range of product lines - and that has befitted us once again this year, ” the Port Director states.

Source: Aarhus Havn / Maritime Danmark

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