New advanced products from Furuno

New advanced products from Furuno

06-02-2019 12:00:00

These days navigator’s have to know how to process a lot of information by themselves: imaging radar, ECDIS, GPS, and so on – while simultaneously keeping a look out from the bridge. But Furuno has a solution to this problem.

“We want to gather all the information on one screen - which enables the navigator to get a better and faster overview, so that he or she can concentrate on making decisions based on one overall picture of the situation, ”says CEO of Furuno Denmark, Freddie Hansen.

The system works by setting a camera on the ships mast that covers an angle of 99 degrees. The image is displayed on a screen – supplemented with information retrieved from the radar, the gyro, the ECDIS route planner including no-go zones, AIS information, GPS and more.

The information is supplied with different colour codes, yellow/caution – which means something is coming towards the ship, and blue which means it is sailing in the same direction.

Once the system is fully developed, the idea is that all information will be projected onto the inside of the windows at night supplemented with images from an infrared camera.

Watch a video of how the system works HERE

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