Scandinavias first dry port

Scandinavias first dry port

06-02-2019 10:00:00

ADP Associated Danish Ports/Port of Fredericia is now in the process of driving the construction machines in position for construction and land development of what will be Scandinavia's largest and preliminary only Dry Port

The development of Taulov Dry Port for commercial premises is happening in a joint venture with PFA. The two partners ADP/PFA are expected to invest at least 2 billion Danish kroner in the project at Taulov, where DLG Dansk Landbrugs Grovvareselskab will build a large logistics center in connection to a 20 year lease. In addition to this, the Danish farm supplies company is in the midst of gathering all their administrative sections in the entire country including Axelborg in Copenhagen in a new headquarters in the scenic Snoghøj that has a view that covers Little Belt and Funen.

The principles behind the lease in Taulov Dry Port are the same as the ones that apply in the port in Fredericia. Here, the ADP makes the areas available to the customer, who can then choose to construct their own warehouse or let the port construct one of 10,000 square meters, or rent a 25,000 square meter high quality generic warehouse that stands out, and one which the customer may only need 2,000 square meters of over a six-month period. This kind of lease does not currently exist in Denmark, but ADP is here to provide it!

What makes the dry port so appealing, ADP’s CEO Nils Skeby continues, is nit least its location in the middle of the Triangle Region which is great place for logistics companies that depend on inmodal transport solutions such as ships, planes, railway, and trucks. There is a direct railway connection from the dry dock to the Port of Fredericia. In addition to this, there is direct connection to the highway.

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