Freighship hits weir in Göta Älven

Freighship hits weir in Göta Älven

28-01-2019 12:00:00

The Latvian freights ship Oak, which is registered in the Cook Islands, had an accident on Sunday evening when it was in Lilla Edet in Göta Älven. The crew lost control of the ship as it hit a weir and was wrecked.

Powerful pumps supplied by the Swedish emergency agency were able to prevent the ship from sinking, and it has now been delayed to a quay where the pumping task will continue.

No crewmembers were injured and no oil leaks were caused by the accident, according to the Swedish emergency agency. The ship is in no danger of sinking. A plan now has to be made regarding the future of the 88-meter long freight ship.

Oak was heading from Gøteborg to Hallekis with large amounts of wheat when the accident took place.

It is less than 2 years ago since Swedish freight ship Sternö collided with the weir in Lilla Edet, and afterward took in so much water i could not sail again.

Sternö was salvaged the follwing year in Jatob in Frederikshavn.

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