Two killed and 10 injured in explosion

Two killed and 10 injured in explosion

29-01-2019 10:00:00

An explosion that took place in a boiler room on a Turkish shipyard cost the lives of two workers, and injured ten others. Firemen were quick to put out the fire on Cido Shipping’s aframax tanker LR2 Poseidon yesterday at Tuzlas shipyard near Istanbul.

The fire broke out onboard the 110.000-DWT LR2 Poseidon after an explosion happened in the ship’s boiler room. According to a statement from Istanbuls govenor office two employees were killed because of the incident, while ten employees were injured, one of them is in critical condition.
Three fire trucks and 110 firemen took part in putting out the fire and rescuing employees. The Anatolian chief prosecutor is investigating the scene of the accident.

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