Good chances of beach auctions this year

Good chances of beach auctions this year

30-01-2019 10:00:00

Over the last 10 to 12 years, little to no wood has been found on the Danish coasts, and because of this there has not been any reason to have any beach auctions. But that will change this year

For the first time in many years, larger amounts of wood has washed onto shore on the West Coast.

"In certain places, 50 planks of wood have washed onto shore. The wood most likely came from ships, and this is unusual because most ships today carry wood in containers, which means that it is rare that the wood falls overboard. Cases like these often happened in the past, ”says Chairman of Strandfogederne along the west coast of Jutland, Jens Nicolai Vejlgaard, to Vestnyt.

According to Vestnyt, no one knows where the wood that has washed onto shore in the area from Hvide Sande up to Hanstholm comes from.

Chairman of Holmsland Klit Tourist Agency, Jørgen Iversen, has suggested that the beach auctions are held over easter or the pentecost.

“We might want to consider having the beach auctions during easter or the holiday of pentecost, where there will be a lot of turists present. There is no doubt that it carries value when tourists get to have a fun and authentic experience. It is such things that increases chances of them coming back.” says Jørgen Iversen to Vestnyt.

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