Danske Maritime happy with EU’s initiative

Danske Maritime happy with EU’s initiative

22-01-2019 12:00:00

There has to be more focus on the importance of the industry, according to Danske Maritime, and the EU agrees. The Rumanian presidency has invited to a discussion about the European maritime industry in Brussels. The EU’s initiative is therefore pleasing to Danish trade organization Danske Maritime.

“I am very happy that the EU pays the amount of attention to the maritime segment that I believe it deserves, seeing as maritime companies are essential for a lot of the EU’s member states – not least Denmark”, says CEO of Danske Maritime, Jenny N. Braat.

The CEO has been invited to participate in the discussion in Brussels which takes place this Tuesday morning. Representatives from the EU’s member states as well as important people from the maritime industry in Europe will also be in attendance.

“The maritime industry creates a lot of jobs. in Denmark alone, we see this in even the parts of the country that are experiencing setbacks. Most of the companies that are part of Danske Maritime are also exporting a lot. Not only are they contributing to the finances of the industrys 40,000 employees. With these exports, the industrial companies help make our welfare society work” says Jenny N. Braat.

The majority of the Danish maritime industry’s jobs are located in the parts of the country that are experiencing setbacks. The stronger parts of the industry is along the west coast and in Northern Jutland.

In Europe, around 900,000 people are employed in the maritime industry. The industry employs 40,000 people in Denmark. Danish supplier companies account for 7.4 percent of Europe's maritime exports.

Source: Danske Maritime / Maritime Danmark

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