Frigate will never sail again

Frigate will never sail again

23-01-2019 10:00:00

A Norwegian expert who has been in charge of the building process of numerous of the parts that the Norwegian frigate KNM Helge consists of has said that the frigate, which is almost sunken at this point, will never sail again.

In an interview with the Norwegian newspaper Firda, Gustav Johan Nydal, who used to be CEO of Kleven Maritime in FlorÝ when the parts for KNM Helge Ingstad were built at the shipyard, says that he believes that too much of the frigate's electronics and other equipment has been destroyed, after having spent more than 2 months underwater.

No official reports have been publish regarding what will happen with the frigate once it is out of the water.

The process of taking the frigate out of the waters has been postponed numerous times, partly due to bad weather, and partly because of technical difficulties.

Recently, it proved to be more difficult than expected to mount the chains that are used to raise the frigate out of the water under the frigate. This problem since been solved, but several other problems still need to be resolved before the task can begin.

The original plan was to raise the frigate out of the water back in December. It is now the belief that it will happen this month.

Once the frigate is raised, it will be placed on a large barge and towed to the Norwegian navy's main base outside Bergen.

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