Royal Arctic Line experiences ice problems

Royal Arctic Line experiences ice problems

25-01-2019 12:00:00

SHORT NEWS: Royal Arctic Line, RAL, has decided to postpone a shipment to the Disko Bay in West Greenland indefinitely due to the ice conditions. This means that Minik Arctica will remain in Nuuk until the weather conditions allow sailing to Aasiaat.

Because of the West Ice, Minik Arctica travel 1903 will be in Nuuk. The original plan was for the ship to sail to Aasiaat from Nuuk, where the ship was going to depart from Aasiaat on February 1 in the Disco Bay, RAL writes in a press release.

The freight onboard Minik Arctica Travel 1903 will be moved to the next trip in 1906. The shipping company has made it clear that the sails Minik Arctica 1903, 1906, 1909, 1912, 1913, 1915 and 1916 are so-called red shipments, which are only possible is the weather conditions allow sailing.

Source: Royal Arctic Line / Maritime Danmark

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