Esvagt rescues men from fire North Sea

Esvagt rescues men from fire North Sea

16-01-2019 12:00:00

Last Friday, the crew onboard the fishing boat RI 524 James Robert were rescued by a helicopter in the North Sea, as water was leaking into the boat which caused it to start sinking. On Saturday, Esvagt Carina was hired to pull the unmanned fishing boat to the waters of Grådyb, where another vessel would takeover and pull it to land

The crew managed to bring James Robert to Grådyb which meant that Esvagt Carina had done its job. Because of heavy winds, the fishing boat was unable to be pulled to Esbjerg by the other vessel.

On Sunday, Esvagt Beta sailed two of James Robert’s crewmembers to the fishing boat, as the plan was to have the crewmembers sail the boat to land in a safe manner. The two fishermen announced that they were able to sail by own force, and the remaining vessels headed home.

Unfortunately James Robert sent out a distress signal shortly after due to fire onboard the vessel. Esvagt Carina sent a FRB vessel to rescue the fishermen and to get them onboard the Esvagt vessel and from there onto a rescue helicopter that took them to a hospital to check for signs of smoke poisoning.

The fishing boat later went aground near Fanø, while still on fire.

Source: Esvagt / Maritime Danmark.

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