New fish landing record in Port of Skagen

New fish landing record in Port of Skagen

10-01-2019 12:00:00

2018 was another record-breaking year for fishing at the Port of Skagen, as the port’s fish landings ended with a value of Danish kroner. This beats the former record of 1.000.689.000 kroner back in 2016. The Port of Skagen is still Denmark’s largest fishing port measured by the amount and value of fish landings.

”We are incredibly proud to once again consolidate our position as Denmark’s largest fishing port, and it is a milestone in regard to the impact it has on the Danish fishing industry”, says CEO of the Port of Skagen, Willy B. Hansen.

Numbers from the Fisheries Agency shows that the Port of Skagen was responsible for 25 percent of Denmark’s total fish landigs and for 34 percent of the total weight. Skagen landed 384.000 tons of fish, which is a little less than in 2017, but the value of the landings were bigger.

"Market prices were better in 2018 than 2017, and that is why we were able to reach one billion this year, even though there was a slight decrease in the amount of fish landed. The underlying fishing industry and maritime service structure in Skagen port are important factors behind Skagens large fish landings, and the large amounts of fish also contribute to creating activities and growth in the industries that are associated with fishing, ”says Willy B. Hansen.

The Port of Skagen is popular amongst foreign vessels, which in 2018 were responsible for roughly 50 percent of the fish landings – which amounts to 178.000 tons. Swedish vessels were responsible for 21 percent of the landings, and Norwegian vessels landed 10 percent. Faroese, Greenlandic, Lithuanian, British and German vessels are also responsible for fish landings in Skagen.

The species with the highest value in fishing in Skagen in 2018 were:
Atlantic herring - 451 million kroner, Blue whiting - 221 million kroner and European sprat brisling - 91 million kroner. Other high valued fish were Norway lobster, mackerel and Sand eel.

Source: Skagen Havn / Maritime Danmark

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