A1 Partners’ fleet now consists of 10 ships

A1 Partners’ fleet now consists of 10 ships

03-01-2019 10:00:00

The shipping company A1 Partners, which is based in Svendborg, has witnessed a great deal of success in buying offshore vessels and turning them into wind farm service vessels. In 18 months, their fleet has gone from 3 to 10 ships, and from 50 to 250 employees.

The shipping company has roots in A1 Offshore Solutions, who originally had plans of making a name in the offshore industry. These dreams were shut down due to the downfall of the oil business, and the company therefore chose to go in another direction. Therefore the company now focuses on servicing the wind industry.

Because of the bad state of the oil segment, it is currently possible to purchase offshore vessels at prices of one-sixth of what the same ships would have cost 5-6 years ago. A1 Partners is taking advantage of this opportunity by buying and rebuilding offshore vessels.

The former owner of Elstock, Søren Toft-Jensen, who has invested roughly 100 million Danish kroner in the shipping company, has made the large investments possible.

Source: Fyns Amts Avis / Maritime Danmark

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