FORCE Technology is to examine Express 1

FORCE Technology is to examine Express 1

04-01-2019 10:00:00

Danish ferry company Bornholmslinjen’s express ferry Express 1 is due for an examination because of the recent critique of the ferry regarding a lack of comfort in bad weather conditions. The decision to go through with the examination was made by a conciliation group who have used the ferry route.

Express 1, which used to sail for Molslinjen between Aarhus and Odden, was build by Incat and not Austal, who build the routes previous express ferry Leonora Christine.
Passengers have filed complaints saying that the new ferry is less tolerant of big waves compared to the previous ferry.

Molslinjen, owners of Bornholmslinjen, are denying the critique and claim that Express 1 meets all comfort requirements included in the ferry’s contract.

The next step in the process is for FORCE Technology to examine the ferry to determine who is right.

source: TV2/Bornholm / Maritime Danmark

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