Mother of two is chief officer on ferry

Mother of two is chief officer on ferry

10-12-2018 12:00:00

These days it is not considered abnormal for women to choose a career at sea, whether it is in the merchant navy or the royal navy. But this was not the case back in 1993 when the now 47-year-old chief officer of the Faaborg – Lyø – Avernakø ferry, Kirstine Hasselgreen chose a maritime career.

At the time, Kirstine Hasselgreen applied for an education on one of the Danish Maritime Authority’s ships, but at the time there were only 12 spots available for women and unfortunately she did not get one. So she chose Svendborg Maritime Academy and Oure University College instead – because she was determine to have a career at sea!

Today, the chief officer resides in Odense and is the mother of two - a 7-year-old girl and a 12-year-old boy- and is in a relationship with a self-employed bricklayer who is the father of her children, and she is still "bitten" by the sea. That is why she has never doubted her career choice.

After the elementary education at Svendborg Maritime Academy and Oure University College, she was employed in different shipping companies and on ships. For instance, she took part in getting the feeder ship ”Lisbeth C” to steamboat company Orion A/S from Ørskov steel shipyard A/S which is now Orskov Yard A/S.

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