Vandalism puts ferry service on pause

Vandalism puts ferry service on pause

11-12-2018 12:00:00

A case of vandalism onboard the ferry Bitten, which sails between Hardeshøj and Ballebro, has forced the ferry to stop its sail since Sunday. The chief officer of the ferry service hopes to see it up and running again before Tuesday afternoon.

According to, someone broke into Bitten on the night to Sunday and began vandalising the ferry. The ferry offers a popular route between Southern Jutland and Als.

The burglars got away with no more than 600 Danish kroner in cash. The more seious matter of the case is that the vandalism caused damages that have put the ferry’s safety at risk.

Among the damages are four broken windows that have to be replaced with non-flammable temporary solutions before the ferry receives permission from the Danish Maritime Authority to resume its operation.

Six emergency flares and two pipes for fire hoses have also been stolen, and a broken fire door also has to be replaced before the ferry is allowed to sail.

Source: / Maritime Danmark

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