Wind turbines in the Port of Aarhus

Wind turbines in the Port of Aarhus

05-12-2018 12:00:00

A majority in the Aarhus city council has decided to replace three areas that where giant wind turbines were to be established on, with three new locations. One of the locations is the East harbour of the Port of Aarhus. But before anything can be done, an environmental examination has to be done, and nothing is set in stone in regards to placing the wind turbines in the port.

"We have not yet taken a position on the project itself or given our permission to establish the turbines. I think it is necessary to hear what our customers and other stakeholders have to say before we take a position, "says Port director, Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen.

Jakob Flyvbjerg Christensen has accepted that an environmental examination will take place. If the outcome is that wind turbines are to be established, the Port of Aarhus will not be in charge of the project. It will most likely be an insurance company or operating company that buys, establishes and operates the wind turbines.

In the future, more transport of heavy freight, including wind turbine transports, can be shipped to or landed in the Port of Aarhus. During 2019, a new ramp for heavy freight will be built from Marselis Boulevard and across Strandvejen, enabling the ramp to go through Østhavnsvej.

Source: Aarhus havn / Maritime Danmark

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