Esvagt strengthens its position in the UK

Esvagt strengthens its position in the UK

03-12-2018 12:00:00

Esvagt has just signed a contract with Serica Energy to deliver Esvagt Cassiopeia for standby tasks in the Bruce field in Great Britain’s’ central part of the North Sea. This is Esvagt’s seventh ship in the strategically important British offshore market.

”This signals trust in Esvagt and our way of working. It also proves that we can compete with our quality ships because they bring added value to the customer, "says CEO Peter Lytzen.

Esvagt has 18 ships that are UK MCA approved, and both Esvagt’s material and approach to these types of tasks is different than their competitors’. This leads to competitive advantages in a highly cost-effective market.

”Our ships are newer and more advanced than average. This enables us to stay in a standby position near the rig, which lowers our fuel consumption and makes our response time faster, "says Peter Lytzen.

The Serica Energy contract is a one-year contract, which has the option of being extended five times with one-year contracts, where Esvagt Cassiopeia will help Serica Energy in one of the sectors well established production areas. Esvagt Cassiopeia’s last contract was with Apache, where the ships also worked in the British sector of the North Sea.

Source: Esvagt / Maritime Danmark

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