Danish energy cluster opens in Silkeborg

Danish energy cluster opens in Silkeborg

04-12-2018 12:00:00

Denmark’s new innovation network for energy development Energy Innovation Cluster has opened an office in Silkeborg with the purpose of strengthening innovation in the wind power sector. Denmark is a leading country in the wind power sector, and it is especially in Mid Jutland that many wind power companies are located.

”Energy Innovation Cluster is shaped by the industry’s needs and driven by the vision of having a single rallying point that can strengthen Danish companies innovation capacity even further. Silkeborg has shown that it wants to establish itself as an important wind energy hub and is centrally located in relation to Mid Jutland’s strong value chain of subcontractors, especially within onshore wind power. Therefore, having an office in Silkeborg makes sense for us, "says CEO of Energy Innovation Cluster Glenda Napier.

Everyday, more than 12.000 Danes go to work for the companies in Mid Jutland that deal with wind power, and because of this larger presence of companies in Mid Jutland, the city is an obvious place to create a national innovation network.

Energy Innovation Cluster is one of Denmark’s largest cluster organization that focuses on innovation and has a project portfolio of more than 400 million kroner and more than 250 members in Denmark.

Energy Innovation Cluster was created to gather activities in the industry’s innovation enhancing effort. Energy Innovation Cluster brings together innovation efforts across both onshore and offshore energy development, thereby strengthening the competitiveness of Danish energy suppliers.

Source:offshoreenergy.dk / Maritime Danmark

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