Port donates art to Bornholm Hospital

Port donates art to Bornholm Hospital

24-11-2018 12:00:00

The Port of Rønne has decided to donate new art to the children’s department in Bornholm’s Hospital. The purpose of the art is to make the experience of being hospitalized less scary. The art will make the surroundings more cozy and give a sense of home for the patience, Bornholm’s Hospital writes in a press release.

”The paintings tell stories and songs that helps distract the children, which gives them a more pleasant experience. It would not have been possible to decorate the department with paintings without the donation from the Port of Rønne A/S, communications officer at Bornholms Hospital, Camilla Frederiksen writes in the press release.

The new art will be presented at the opening of an event that will be held on Thursday November 22, 10.00 o’clock, where the hospital will be paid a visit from a small group of children from a local kindergarten.

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