Koldings port director shocked by decision

Koldings port director shocked by decision

15-11-2018 10:00:00

The municipality of Kolding’s decision to shut down the commercial port comes as a surprise to port director Anders Vangsbjerg Sørensen. One single city council has decided to shut down the port, and the companies that currently use the port have to move latest in 25 years.

”Everyone is currently shocked, but we respect the fact that the city council has another mission, than us who work at the port, and as the owners of the port, they are naturally entitled to make the decision they believe is best for the city,” says Anders Vangsbjerg Sørensen.

Through the last 175 years, the Port of Kolding has served the city and its companies as an active and innovative port. The port director would have liked to see this continue for another 175 years. No one at the Port of Kolding were aware of the city councils decision, prior to receiving the press release from the council 12 o’clock yesterday.

”The news comes as a shock. We have spent a lot of time and resources recently on coming up with a plan for the port’s future. Just 14 days ago we presented an detailed plan for the ports development. A plan that we put a lot of effort into, and which includes securing future growth and more jobs.

Therefore we did not foresee this”, says Anders vangsbjerg Sørensen.

The city council has stated that the companies that use the port have from now to 25 years to find a new place for their business, and within this period it is the Port of Kolding’s job to service companies and clients as best as possible. The port will cooperate with the municipality of Kolding on creating the best transition.

There are currently 433 jobs at the port and approximately 2.800 related jobs in the municipality.

Source: Kolding Havn / Maritime Danmark

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