Danish Industry criticizes port decision

Danish Industry criticizes port decision
Port of Kolding

16-11-2018 12:00:00

The Confederation of Danish Industry, DI, released a statement this morning, in which they critique the decisions made to shut down commercial ports in Kolding and Vejle. DI warns about the consequences of shutting down the commercial ports and is going to investigate the politics of the decision to see if the municipalities’ decisions are legal.

”We strongly advice against sacrificing the commercial ports, and we are going to fight the decisions made by the separate municipalities. Shutting down significant commercial ports goes against progression. The decisions do not make any sense, in these times of necessarily high ambitions of climate change mitigation and an improved focus on climate.” DI writes.

The criticism comes after the municipalities of Kolding and Vejle publicly revealed their plans of shutting down the commercial ports, and gave the date of when the separate ports’ business areas at the latest have to be converted to residential buildings, recreational areas, stores and service activities. This leaves numerous private companies in economic trouble.

The message behind the decisions is that the companies, that work at the ports and have supplied financial gains and employment for the ports and the municipalities, are no longer wanted. Both the ports and the companies, which include some that might have to close down because of the decision, those being forced away are in shock.

Shutting down the two commercial ports will provide space for project owners and property developers with plans for residential buildings and smaller related service companies in maritime environments. According to DI, even the best city council politician will have a hard time resisting such plans.

The Confederation of Danish Industry believes that shutting down well functioning commercial ports leads to severe damage on the business community that is the foundation for employment, prosperity and thus welfare throughout the country.

Source: Dansk Industri Transport / Maritime Danmark

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