Nakskov Port continues to grow

Nakskov Port continues to grow

05-11-2018 12:00:00

Since the Municipality of Lolland took over Nakskov Port in July 2014, the municipality has invested 27 million in improving the port. Now, strong political support has resulted in further investments of 57,1 million kroner.

"It is a lot of money, but it is a very important and absolutely controlled development of the port. It is an investment in both Nakskov and Lolland, which will secure and create growth in the business communitiies and workplaces, "says Deputy Mayor Henrik Høegh.

"Nakskov Port has been through a great period while being owned by the municipality and has made good profit. Part of these funds will now be invested in the future, "says Henrik Høegh,

The support that the municipality of Lolland received is emphasized by the fact that everyone approved Nakskov Port's expansion plans during the latest town council. The reason that Nakskov Port is the cause of great positive interest and support from the Lolland’s municipality is of course the understanding of the port's importance as a business dynamo.

The ports make up for a minor part of the overall municipal economy, but for Lolland’s municipality economic development, the commercial ports are a top priority and the solid support is a sign of this. Well-functioning commercial ports in Nakskov and Rødby Port are a focal point for the municipality of Lolland’s economic development.

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