EU puts 2,2 b. kr. towards maritime projects

EU puts 2,2 b. kr. towards maritime projects

31-10-2018 12:00:00

The EU is concerned about the worlds oceans and decided to spend 300 million euro, which is equivalent to 2,2 billion Danish kroner, on maritime projects. The money will be spend on projects that fight plastic pollution, promotes sustainability, strengthens research and increases surveillance of the oceans.

Fighting plastic pollution will be given most funds – 100 million euro. Research projects such as mapping eco systems, and mapping seabed’s and innovative aqua culture will receive 82 million euro. Numerous smaller projects connected with maritime economy will receive 18,4 million euro, while 12,9 million euro will be spent on safety and environment initiatives along coast areas.

Maritime projects outside of the EU will also be funded. These projects include fighting trash problems in the oceans in Southeast Asia, and securing maritime eco systems in the same area.

The funds follows in the wake of an EU grant of 550 million euro’s, equivalent to 4.1 billion kroner, for similar projects last year.

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