Ice tax increases by 25 percent in 2019

Ice tax increases by 25 percent in 2019

23-10-2018 14:18:38

Winter is coming and during the government’s icebreaking committee’s latest meeting, held on September 14 2018, a decision was made to increase the tax on ice. The increase will be apply for the period between January 1 and December 31 2019 and will be 0,05 Danish kroner per ton of cargo ship goods that is shipped to or from the port in question.

The tax will increase from 0.04 kroner in 2018 to 0.05 kroner per tons of goods in 2019, which is a 25 percent increase. In 2017 the tax was 0.04 kroner, while it was down to 0.02 kroner in 2016. The tax reached the peak in the year 2015, where it was 0.07 kroner per tons of goods.

With the exception of ports on the west coast, all ports of the inner Danish waters from Skagerrak to the Baltic Sea, and ports located from Skagen and in southern Denmark pay an annual ice tax which covers the costs of keeping the governments ice breaking service.

The tax increase will be official from January 1 2019. The tax will be charged before the end of June 2019.

Source: Danske Havne / Maritime Danmark

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