Here what went wrong at Hirtshal Shipyard

Here what went wrong at Hirtshal Shipyard

22-10-2018 12:00:00

Two accidents that took place simultaneously were the reason why the jetty at Hirtshals Yard nearly capsized on August 17. The Norwegian fishing trawler Hardhus, which was located in the covered jetty at the time, was severly damaged by the incident. The jetty was also damaged, but is expected to be repaired within a couple of months

A defect valve was the reason why a large amount of water got in to the covered jetty in Hirtshals Yard on August 17. The jetty was equipped with a emergency alarm that was supposed to go of in case an emergency like this should take place, but it did not go of because the phone line was down, writes Danish newspaper Nordjyske.

The two accidents caused 50 million kroner in damages. 10 million for the reparation of the jetty, and 40 million for repairing the Norwegian fishing trawler which was in the jetty at the time.

Insurance companies are covering all damages.

The shipyards CEO Rasmus Brohus tells the newspaper that the shipyard wouldnt have survived if the accident had left the jetty totally demolished.

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