Ffake emails from Danske Rederier

Ffake emails from Danske Rederier

24-10-2018 12:00:00

Be aware of spam- and phishing e-mails sent from Danske Rederier. Do not open emails that request usernames or passwords from Danske Rederier. Danske Rederier believe it is an attempt to rob members of their usernames and passwords to the organizations website.

”We have become aware that some one has been sending emails to our members pretending that they were sent from our email adress info@danishshipping.dk (see below). This email has NOT been sent by us” Danske Rederier writes in a warning statement on their website.

If people have received an email from the abovementioned address they are advised not to open the link.

If you have received, opened and filled out your information in the email, you are advised to immediate contact Danske Rederier by phone on the number 33 48 92 01 or via e-mail it@danishshipping.dk

Danske Rederier never sends emails to members requesting them to type their usernames nor passwords. The organization whishes to direct members to their private policies on their website:


Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Danmark

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