Norden makes scrubber deal with Besiktas

Norden makes scrubber deal with Besiktas

26-10-2018 12:00:00

Danish dry cargo and tanker company Norden A/S has signed a contract regarding scrubber installations with the Turkish Besiktas Shipyard. The deal was made after a thorough analysis of the sulfur directive's impact on the shipping company when it becomes official on January 1, 2020.

"The price difference between low and high sulfur fuel is expected to be substantial for some time, which makes scrubbers an attractive method for complying with the sulfur regulations," says Technical Director of NORDEN A / S, Jens Christensen.

”In practice this means that ships with scrubbers are expected to have a significant competitive advantage from 2020, therefore we view scrubbers as an investment which is both economically attractive as well as technically viable” he adds.

Back in mid August 2018 Norden revealed their plans of installing scrubbers on as many as 31 ships in their fleet of owned or chartered ships. During 2018, the company secured installation of 26 scrubbers with the possibility of another five.

Out of these 26 scrubbers, two where installed in newly build ships, 16 scrubbers where build in to selected vessels that the company owns, and eight scrubbers will be installed on tonnage chartered for longer contracts.

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