Molslinjen in financial battle with Rønne

Molslinjen in financial battle with Rønne

10-10-2018 12:00:00

On January 1, the Port of Rønne raised the toll that ferries have to pay when arriving at the port - by between 160 and 400 percent, depending on the calculation method. Danish ferry company Molslinjen believes that the port’s raise of the toll is far to extreme, and have therefore reported the case to the competition authorities.

“We have reported this case to the competition authorities because we find the price increases to be very, very high. There are about 300-400 percent of the ship tolls, and that is completely unfair, seeing as there are no underlying arguments or additional services to justify them”, says Molslinjens CEO, Carsten Jensen to Danish newsstation TV2/Bornholm.

The Port of Rønne’s management claims that the price increases are not an attack on Ferry Company Færgen, nor Molslinjen. The port’s management does not wish to comment on the shipping companies calculations.

“I can only say that our standard fees are based on the average of what Danish ports charge, and from this average price we give a 70 percent discount" sais port director, Thomas Bendtsen, who is not surprised by Molslinjens reaction.

Mollinjen, which took over sailing to and from Bornholm on September 1, is currently paying the new tolls that the Port Rønne set, but with reservation until the Competition Authorities has given their verdict. Molslinjen was aware of the port’s new fees before submitting its bid for the survey back in spring 2016.

According to Carsten Jensen, this does not justify the ports actions. Molslinjen were advised to send the case to the Competition Authorities after receiving counseling. This would not have happened if they believed there would be nothing to do.

Source: TV2/Bornholm / Maritime Danmark

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