∆rÝXpressen acquired new capital

∆rÝXpressen acquired new capital

26-09-2018 10:00:00

∆rÝXpressen A/S has finished their second share issue. 1.295.000,- has been transferred to the company in additional share capital. The company consists of 1.492 shareholders spread over 14 countries and in 200 different area codes in Denmark. The collected share capital is now spread over 10.836.000 kroner.

The company's budget for the new project is 55 million Danish kroner, but this includes the costs for a new ferry lease, which amounts to 5-7 million, as the municipality of Langeland announced back in June that it would not be paying for a new one. The company had to acquire additional capital.

The hybrid ferry that accommodates 200 passengers and approximately 30 cars will be built in Hvide Sande Shipyard, and is to be delivered on September 30, 2019. The new environmentally friendly ferry is expected to operate the Marstal-RudkÝbing route in Fall of 2019, and will help remedy the capacity issue to and from ∆rÝ

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