Tanker released after eight months

Tanker released after eight months

26-09-2018 12:00:00

After having laid anchor in Albæk Bay, close to Skagen, for the last eight months, the crew of 19 men onboard the Turkish/Russian owned tanker Natig Aliyev are now finally getting their long awaited pay of 2,6 million Danish kroner. Since the case is now settled, the ship has been allowed to continue its sail.

"Each crew member has given me their bank details, so now we will transfer their money to them. It's appalling that a shipping company can treat its crewmembers like this. Several of the men had not been paid since last February. I would like to advise unscrupulous ship-owners not to sail in Danish waters. We are on our toes here at ITF, and we have an excellent partnership with the Danish authorities, including the Danish Maritime Authority, "says ITF inspector Morten Bach.

This is the second time within six months that the ITF has had to fight hard to get the crew what they were owed, and it is the third time in a year that a ship from the same shipping company, Palmali Shipping, has been stopped in Denmark for breaking the international convention, MLC, which works to ensure the seamen’s rights.

Back in March, Morten Bach got the crewmembers their missing pay, which dated from back in November 2017, of 250.000 dollars. At the time, the situation onboard the vessel was rather crucial as the crew had no food nor supplies, after having been anchored for three weeks.

It was not before February that the ship came to ’Reden’ located south of Skagen. Due to a dispute regarding fuel oil, the enforcement court in Hjørring had arrested the ship, in response to a demand made by a bunker shipping company.

This time, the crewmember’s missing payments of exactly 324.370 dollars has not been paid by the ship’s owner Palmali Shipping, but by the ships new charter. After eight laying anchored south of Skagen for eight months, the Danish authorities have released the tanker.

With the help of a Danish agent in Aalborg, the ship is now about to be chartered by a company in Estonia. The Estonian company will also takeover the task of crew management for Natig Aliyev
And have taken care of the crews pay. On this morning the ship is still anchored in Aalbæk bay.

Source: CO-SEA / Maritime Danmark

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