Storm results in cancelled departures

Storm results in cancelled departures

21-09-2018 12:00:00

The upcoming storm Knud, which will be worst Northern Jutland, Skagerrak and the Northern part of Kattegat with a gust of hurricane strenght, has resulted in several cancelled departures. The storm will hit around 15.00 o’clock, and has caused shipping companies Stena Line and Color Line to cancel several departures this afternoon and night.

Stena Jutlandicas departure from Gøteborg at 16.00 o’clock is cancelled, and the departure from Frederikshavn at 20.15 is cancelled.

Stena Danica has moved the departure time for the sail from Gøteborg from 18.00 o’clock to 23.00 o’clock, while the departure from 22.00 o’clock has been moved to 03.15 on the night to Saturday.

Color Line has also cancelled some of their departures. The ferry from Larvik to Hirtshals at 17.30 has been cancelled. The departure from Hirtshals to Larvik at 22.15has also been cancelled.

On the Hirtshals route - Kristianssand has cancelled the Color Line departure from Kristianssand at 16.30. As an extension of this the departure from Hirtshals at 20.45 has also been cancelled.

Fjordline, which sails routes from Hirtshals to Laugesund, Kristianssand, Stavanger and Bergen expects to make changes in the route schedule. Nothing is certain, as their departures are outside the hours where the storm is at its worst.

So far the Læsø ferry is sailing according to its scheduel. But the company is following the weather closely and might make changes in the scheduel if necessary.

Bornholmslinjen will replace Express 1 with Povl Anker. This entails a longer wait, due to the extended sailing route.

Povl Anker will sail departures from 14:30 and 22.00 o’clock from Rønne to Ystad instead of at 14:30 and 18.30.

Povl Anker will sail departures Friday from 18.15 and 01:45 from Ystad to Rønne instead of at 16.30 and 20.30.

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