Express 1 close to dangerous collision

Express 1 close to dangerous collision

21-09-2018 10:00:00

On Tuesday, the Danish ferry service company Bornholmerlinjen’s express ferry Express 1 collided crashed into a large quay fender next to the old lighthouse in the port of Rønne. The accident happened as the ferry was arriving in Rønne at 13.40 o’clock. The ferry was dangerously close to hitting another of the large red quay fender near the ports large oil tank.

"These fenders are build to be pushed from the outside and in. That is, a direct push. In this case it was pushed sideways – that is in its longitude - and it was simply not having it. Fortunately the ship was not damaged. So we just need to grab the quay fender and put it back where it came belongs, "says communications manager Jesper Maack from the Bornholmerlinjen to TV2 / Bornholm.

The fender was torn of and sank to the bottom of the harbour. The port of Rønne’s large crane later salvaged it, and it is now stranded in their parking lot. Express was able to return to sail preceding the incident.

As of yet, the reason behind the incident has not been informed.

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