International standards are necessary

International standards are necessary

19-09-2018 10:00:00

The Danish shipping industry depends on international standards is it is going to ensure better climate and still conserve its ability to compete. This was the message from the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial affairs and others when 100 international experts met at Danish shipping organization Danske Rederier this Tuesday.

”Shipping is a global profession. Therefore it is causes problems that there are different standards that apply in different countries. It is important that we secure international standards, so that small countries are able to compete on the global market”, said Minister of Commerce Rasmus Jarlov.

”It is not a market in which companies can have foresight, as long as there are not global standards. This can have serious consequences for the global maritime industry”, the Minister said.

The meeting in Copenhagen is part of ISO’s technical committee’s annual plenary meeting. The committee is responsible for more than 300 international standards, which ensures things such as better safety on waters, better climate and environment, and more effective shipping. The chairman of the committee Yanging Li views Denmark’s strong maritime industry as an inspiration for strengthening the international maritime industry.

”It is no surprise that Denmark holds a solid spot in the top 10 list of maritime nations. The cooperation between maritime companies, shipping companies, universities and experts is far ahead in the development of international standards”, says Yanging Li.

Danske Rederier believe that it is a necessity to have international standarts implemented, seeing as Denmark, although being a small country, has the worlds fastest growing ship register that operates globally. Two thirds of Danish shipping takes place outside Europe. Its is therefore important to have international laws and standards, CEO of Danske Rederier, Anne H. Steffensen, stated in her ceremonial speech.

”Since it is a global profession, it is extremely important that we are on the same page internationally and support international laws. A good example of this is the global sulphur regulations that will be official from January 1, 2020. Therefore I am happy that ISO has announced that those standards apply for everyone in 2020, when the law become effective”, says Anne H. Steffesen.

Source: Danske Rederier / Maritime Danmak.

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