Edda Mistral jumps the gun on Hornsea

Edda Mistral jumps the gun on Hornsea

13-09-2018 10:00:00

Although Edda Mistral was originally intended for use during the operation phase of Ørsteds Hornsea Project One, the project group saw an opportunity to maximize the use and acceleration of the vessel, so that the SOV can also be used to construct the wind farm of 1,2 GW.

”Personally, I am very exited to see Mistral join its sister on sea. Passat and Mistral are both unique ships that proudly sport the Grimsby name. They were build for our activities in Grimsby, amongst these race bank and Hornsea Project One, and therefore it is great that Mistral can be used by our construction crew” says Stuart Reid, chief of Ørsteds east coast operations in Great Britain.

In the construction phase, Edda Mistral will primarily be used by JDR Cables to finish the last step in the parks internal foundation of cables, that connects cables to the turbine-switch equipment, which is placed in the transition phases.

Once the Hornsea Project One is up and running in 2020, it will take over for the 659 MW Walney Extension, which was officially opened by Ørsted this month, being the worlds largest offshore wind farm. Being 120 kilometers away from the coast, it will become the wind farm that is located furthest distant from land.

Edda Mistral has already visited the construction site to complete a few tests. These included testing the motion compensated bridge that access the wind mills, sets work boats to sea and tests the landing of a helicopter on the helideck.

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