Some navigators are still missing pay rises

Some navigators are still missing pay rises

29-08-2018 10:00:00

On October 2 2017, Danish Metals Maritime Department (now known as Metal Maritime) reported that they had entered a new collective agreement on behalf of all navigators working for companies that fall under the Danish shipping umbrella company Danske Rederier. Now almost 11 months later, many first mates have still not been paid the agreed upon salaries.

Metal Maritime entered the collective agreements after the organization obtained negotiations rights on behalf of the Danish maritime union Søfartens Ledere’s navigators from Danske Rederier back in 2016, after the union brought up a case regarding net salary in relation to the tax system in Denmark.

Some of the navigators have received their pay rise, but many are still waiting. Amongst them are navigators working for Maersk Supply Service and Royal Arctic Line. The pay rises were suppose to be in effect from April 1, 2017.

In connection with the collective agreements, Metal Maritime wrote that they had suceeded in entering a main collective agreement, that entails the good aspects from the frame agreements, while there is still a set frame that had to be abided by, and that navigator groups in the shipping companies should get a pay rise of 6,5 percent within this period.

The 6,5 percent was to be divided with 2 percent in the period in 2017, 2 percent in 2018, and the remaining 2,5 percent in 2019. Therefore their pay still lacks a rise of 4 percent.

It is not just navigators, who are supposed to gain from the collective agreements, who are still waiting for their rise. Skippers are also affected, and have been told that their deals have not been regulated because navigators are still lacking theirs.

All members of Søfartens Ledere have individual contracts with the shipping companies. This happened in 2012 after Danske Rederier annulled the past collective agreement with Søfartens Ledere.

Søfarten Ledere believe that the shipping companies, and not least Metal Maritime, have to settle the case and regulate the 2 percent for 2017 and 2 percent for 2018 on the individual rises, seeing as it is these companies that wanted the collective agreements to begin with.

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