New ferry for Thuborøn-Aggerton crossing

New ferry for Thuborøn-Aggerton crossing

13-08-2018 12:00:00

It is not everyday that a new ferry is placed on the crossing between Thyborøn and Aggertangen. But this is now the case, and it is even for a brand new ferry terminal further south compared to the city of Thyborøn.

The newly build ferry named Kanalen is the second ferry to sail the crossing between Thyborøn and Agger (Even though there is only 12 kilometers to the city of Agger). The first ferry sailed until the end of July and completed 43 years of service. The ferry is now going to be rigged and the decision has been made to scrap the ferry in an environmentally friendly manner.

The ferry is designed to adapt to the measurements that the crossing affords it, where in particularly the dept is limited compared to other parameters. That is why the ferry has gotten a special look to it with an OX- frame to the two stems. This is because the ferry is driven by two azimith-rorpropellere, that take up more space in depth compared to traditional propellers, and to make sure that the propellers stay above the keel it was necessary to lift the deck against the stems.

This has no significance for the daily operation but it does give the it a different look compared to the old ferry, which was completely horizontal from the front of the ferry to the stern, says maritime officer Kim Korshøj.

The new ferry requires new ferry slips. The old ferry sailed with so-called ’sakselejer’, while the new ferry is built with slips, as part of the ferry’s hull, and therefore does not need external snips. It now sails with new so-called L-bearings. At Thyholm, a new l-slip has been built next to the old sakseleje which will be torn down.

But even more extreme measures have been taken on the side that faces Thyborøn. A brand new ferry terminal has been built only one kilometre further south in the basin that has been Thyborøn’s marina through a number of years. This was a result of the experiences the city has had. It turns out that the lagoon in which the old ferry terminal was located caused problems whenever bad weather struck. Whenever the wind was in the northwest, the lakes flowed directly through Thyborøn Canal and further past the port to the place where the ferry sails into the Thyborøn Canal. The area just north of the ferry terminal’s outlet is very shallow and that meant that the lake broke right at the point where the ferry departed the port.

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