Danish ships affected by Iran-sanctions

Danish ships affected by Iran-sanctions

13-08-2018 10:00:00

Danish ships will be heavily impacted by the new United States sanctions against Iran that will be in effect from November. A survey done by Vessels Value shows that Danish tankers are amongst the most used for exporting Iranian oil.

As the chart on the bottom of this page shows, Danish ships came in second place on the list of countries with most non-Iranian tankers that had been used for export of Iranian oil in 2018.

Measured by tonnage, Danish ships came in fifth place.

According to the survey, Greek shipping companies stand to lose a lot of business seeing as Greek ships came in first measured by both number of ships and tonnage.

The United States sanctions against Iran is a result of U.S president Donald Trumpís decision to pull the United States out of the international agreement to ensure that Iran stops their nuclear program in exchange for an abandonment of the international sanctions that the country is facing.

As a result of this the United States has introduced new strict sanctions against Iran. Some of these sanctions have already gone into effect and in the beginning of November new sanctions that will affect areas such as Iranian ports, shipping, energy sector and financial transactions and insurance will go into effect.

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