Crane on its way to capsized floating jetty

Crane on its way to capsized floating jetty

20-08-2018 12:00:00

The crane Sanne A, which belongs to J.A. Shipping company, is on its way to Hirtshals to raise the port on the capsized floating jetty. Along with the tugboat Stevns Battler, the crane is located at a position outside of Frederikshavn this Monday morning, and is expected to be in Hirtshals around 18.00.

The crane will arrive as Hirtshals yard is trying to get the floating jetty into the right position by slowly shifting balance in the ballast tanks.

CEO of Hirtshals Yrd, Rasmus Brohus told Nordjyske Stiftstidene on sunday, that the covered floating jetty has shifted position to the point that the Norwegian trawler which is inside the dock no longer rests upon the dock, but is floating by itself.

Sanne A will lift the big port to the floating jetty that can not be opened as there is no power in the dock. Once the gate is opened, the Norwegian trawler, which is owned by shipping company Hardhaus, will be able to get out of the dock and an examination of the trawler will show how much damage has been done to it.

On Sunday around noon, Sanne A departed from Nyborg where it had laid next to the tugboat Stevns Battler.

The covered dock known as Nordsøkatedralen, was built in 1952, and has anchored in Hirtshals since 1987.

One end of the dock sank in 2015 due to a storm.

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