Floating power station is filled with uranium

Floating power station is filled with uranium

06-08-2018 10:00:00

The floating Russian nuclear power station, Akademik Lomonosov, which was the topic of conversation back in May, as it was towed from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk via Danish waters, is now being supplied with uranium, used as fuel in the two reactors of the plant.

Once the reactors have been properly tried and tested, the nuclear power plant will be tugged along the northern coast of Siberia to Pevek in Chukotka, where it will replace the older Bilibino nuclear power station.

Rosatom fleet, owner of the power station, originally wanted to test the reactors before the power station left Saint Petersburg. However, this plan was abandoned following protests from Norway and the Baltic countries who thought it was too risky, seeing as the vessel would have had about 360 kilograms of low enriched uranium-235 onboard during the 4,000 kilometre long tow.

The International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA, has approved the technical functions and physical safety of the floating nuclear power station. Following some improvements, the KLT-40 type reactor is similar to the reactors onboard Russia's fleet of nuclear-powered icebreakers.

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